• It’s official! Foreigners can purchase houses

    Foreign organizations and individuals can now own houses in Vietnam after the Amended Law on Houses was approved by the Congress in the afternoon of November 25th, 2014.

  • Real estate fever can be happened in the coming time?

    Being quite reserved when being asked if the real estate market will be hot and feverish again in the coming time, many experts believe that there shall be transactions in the market, not as hot and feverish as it used to be in 2007.

  • How does “the 4-parties chain” solve the difficulties of real estate?

    By late afternoon of 04/04, the Credit Department of economic sectors (State Bank) has general information on the “4-parties chain” credit product for the field of real estate and building materials.

  • Mr. Le Xuan Nghia,PhD: 50 trillion VND is not a virtual supportive package

    Recently, there was a stir in public opinion from the real estate community about there shall be 50 or 120 trillion VND package to support the real estate market. There are many opinions that this is a virtual supportive package. However, Mr. Le Xuan Nghia, PhD – Former Vice Chairman of the National Financial Supervisory Commission said that the figure of 50 or 100 trillion VND is still too little, in the coming time, there shall be bigger programs.

  • Opportunities in the real estate market

    The real estate companies offer many average price products to the market, the buyers pay much attention to these products and the number of transactions is higher ... These are the signs showing that the real estate market is warming up as compared to the previous years.

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